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'89 Red Alfa Spider Quadrifolio to sell

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This car is in great condition. It was garaged for about 8 years, but all repairs due to neglect have recently been made. I don't know a lot about Alfa Romeos, but this car ROCKS! I hate to sell it, but we have two kids and it's not realistic. 29,000 miles. Hardtop. AC . CD player.
I haven't looked at the ragtop, but it may have a few scratches or tears.
I don't have an asking price. I am open to offers.


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Where are you located?
No, but I think I'd like to get at least $8500 for it.
Do you have any inside and underbody pics? Might be interested.

Please send pics to [email protected]
Looks like a nice car. Where is it located? Without seeing it I can't make an offer. I am seriously looking for another Alfa, Tell me what you can about this one.
I just saw that someone else asked where you are. I am not very far from you, would like to see the car. Send pics and info to [email protected].
Red Spider

Is the paint all original? The skirts on the side appear as though they were painted over the rubber moulding that runs along the length of the skirt and the body. Hard to tell with no close up images. Would you have any other photographs.

Thank you

More photos

Hi Everyone. I took some underbody pics this morning and under the hood and trunk carpet. Here they are.


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Joseph, The only thing that has been repainted would be the hood, but I think that was even replaced completely back in '90. Vandals took a bat to it (or something). Nothing else has been repainted.
OK. This just in from my husband: When he was in college ('91) vandals took a bat to the car hood and the hood was replaced. The hood was replaced by Paul Spruell Alfa in Atlanta, Ga. While it was there, the attack dog on the lot went to town on the car (I have no idea why, just that we think a cat was involved). Anyway some of the paint may not be the original, but it may be comforting to know that a reputable Alfa dealer handled all of the repairs to the body. The paint is also a perfect match.

I realize that this seems like a rediculous story, but it is the truth.
Spruell is/was a top Alfa source.
Great deal for someone. That car would/should have sold for a good bit more. Well bought.
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