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Hey everyone,

Up for sale is my 88 Milano Verde. I am the third owner of this car and I’ve owned it for a little over two years. I love this car but I’ve gone back to school full-time and rather than see it just sit, I’d like to find a new owner who has the time to run it in track days.

This is a great track day/ road car and it has been very well taken care of.

I bought this car from a man on Bainbridge Island who had owned it for the majority of its life. He had the engine and gearbox rebuilt by Carlo at Alfa of Tacoma at 80,000 miles. The chassis currently has 131,xxx miles, so the engine and gearbox are only at approx. 50k since the rebuild.

After I first got the car, at 120k miles, I took it to Alfa of Tacoma to be gone over. They replaced the water pump, timing belt, and the flywheel support bearings. Since then I’ve replaced a few more things which are listed below.

The good

Engine and gearbox rebuilt 50k miles ago by Alfa of Tacoma
Steering rack replaced 50k miles ago
New front and rear driveline dampeners (guibos)
New water pump
New timing belt
Non-ABS conversion done with new brake and clutch master cylinders
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads
New spark plugs
New flywheel support bearings
New front lower ball joints
New rear muffler
New poly bushings
New Bosch double relay
New fuel filter
New HID lights
New Bride Low-max seats
Fresh oil & a fresh coat of wax
This car has a very strong engine and smooth shifting gearbox!
Lots of suspension parts from Group 2
- Bigger torsion bars
- Shankle rear springs
- Bilsteins all the way around
- Poly bushings
- 30mm front sway bar w/spherical end links
Upgraded stereo
- Alpine deck with ipod connectivity (ipod plugs in thru glovebox)
- Polk component system up front
- 5.25” kickers in the rear
- Discreetly mounted and it sounds great

No leaks, clear title, never been damaged

Easily passes emissions and NWARC tech inspection

What May Need Work

Will probably need new tires
Rear power door locks malfunction
Sagging headliner

Although the headliner needs to be redone, the interior is very clean. I have removed the AC pump and cruise control but it would not be too difficult to put them back in. I also have the factory seats and seatbelts, along with several extra parts which will be included; the factory Recaros are in decent shape, the passenger side seat has a tear.

This is an extremely well handling and VERY reliable car. The motor pulls very well and sounds amazing. I constantly get compliments on this car even from people who don’t know exactly what it is.

I’m looking to get 5k.

I’m located in Covington, WA 98042, near Pacific Raceways. Call or text if you have questions or would like to arrange a time to see / drive the car.


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Blaine.... No! Sad to see you selling the car. I enjoyed getting to know you, and seeing you build this car, and thank you for your business. I also remembered the look on your face when you drove my Milano at Bremerton!

I hope this means you are not getting out of Alfas. I think you enjoyed your car a lot, and it did well on the track. Drop by Group 2 sometime. I'll refer people to your listing.

Good luck in school, hope to see you soon.

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Thanks Chris!
I've had a lot of good times in this car but i need something that's not too nice to take to school haha. Thanks again for instructing and helping me out in Bremerton.

Hopefully it wont be too long before I get back into Alfa ownership but in the meantime I'll have to swing by and check out your revamped milano

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Hey Blaine, I echo what Chris said (except the part about thanking you for the business). Was great to see you at the track with your car, and I hope we'll still see you whenever you can make it out. Very nice car, very thorough description/ad and I wish you luck in selling. This car will make someone a very happy Milano owner. Good luck in school, and don't be a stranger.


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Solid Performer

I came out to check the car out. I've been toying with a T/A replacement after my Verde was totalled last year. This is a solid car. Very nice paint, clear coat still there and glossy. No rust from what I could see. Didn't see any dents. Trim, rubber all looked in order.

Car starts right up, runs smooth with no smoke out the tail pipe. Went for a spirited ride. Solid suspension, not jarring, just tight. Car tracks true, accelerates well, brakes swiftly and straight, shifts beautifully (didn't have to finesse the 2nd gear change!) no vibration in the drive train. Took a nice long right hand sweeper entrance ramp and the car just planted and went!

If I had more space in my driveway (a 164LS and a 73GTV yet to sell) I would not have hesitated to purchase this car, though I'm actually looking for a GTV6 for my next T/A car. Given the repair history, the suspension mods, the cosmetic and running condition, this is a very fair asking price.

Someone is going to get an excellent Verde.
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