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I don't see where I can post a video, so I will try my best. My 88 started to have engine noise about 2 weeks ago. It is a loud clacking noise that I can only describe as someone pinning a baseball card to a bike wheel and hearing that slapping sound.

A few weeks before this, I started my car in the dark, I had an intake backfire (I think I was touching the accelerator when I had the foot on the break...I was wearing boots)

The car also has old electrical wires that look like they want to just drop off and die(they need replacing) since the car takes a moment to start.

The car was not driven for a long time due to over heating issues etc..but now it is my daily 3 mile round trip to my commuter lot for the metro.

I do plan on dropping it to the mechanic on Sunday. But I thought I wouldnask here to get an idea of what it could be.

Thanks in advance!
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