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'88 Graduate Electrical Woes.....

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I went to start up the '88 Graduate today after a few months of down time.

Battery was dead, of course. I charged it up and got the car to start.

As I was idling in the driveway in preparation of backing out, the radio shut down and the gauges died. The car continued to run, but I shut it off.

Upon attempting to restart the fuel pump is not cycling, no gauges, no spark. Starter turns, no lights in the dash at all.

I do not have a fuse diagram so I don't even know where to start. This is probably simple. The car was no longer on the charger when this happened, so nothing blinked out while it was on the charger. This was a good 5 minutes after the charger was removed.

Any ideas?

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I'm not much of an expert, however I'd start by checking the ground connections, particularly the battery one - un-bolt it, clean it and re-tighten.

Also usual things : Battery still charged ? Alternator charging ? All fuses good ?

On my wiring diagram (not necessarily the same for you) Fuse 5 is the Radio and Fuse 9 the instrument lights.
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