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87 Spider with Race Motor & Dual Webers!!

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My project car started as an 1987 Spider Veloce that I drove for many years, until I decided to go all retro with it. The chassis and body is very straight and rust-free. I removed the ugly rubber bumpers and rear spoiler and all accoutrements, electronics, interior, etc. Nothing but a rolling chassis and body. Then I replaced the shocks and fitted new bushings to the suspension. Also replaced the driveshaft O-ring.

Now here's where it gets interesting.. I took the '87 motor out of this Alfa and had local racing guru Roger Mandeville build me a hot-rod by doing all the necessary things to it.. have receipts from him for over $3,000 in the motor alone, plus another $1,500+ on a new set of never-used dual Weber carbs. He used a '77 motor to convert it to carbs and make it work with the VVT. I have attached a picture of the motor, and can provide additional photos of the body and etc if interested, along with copies of receipts, etc.

I was going to make a street racer out of it, but other priorities (like a kid and a Porsche) have gotten in the way, so I don't have time to finish this thing, but it wouldn't take much and would make a great (and fast) Alfa!

Email for more details.



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