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Looking to list my 87 Spider Quad with BaT. Anyone here have experience with that?

It has ton of new work - I was getting it to Concourse - but ran out of steam.

New top
New Molded Carpets
New rear deck
All original parts in hand (Focal Speakers and Alpine Radio installed and wooden steering wheel)
NOS dashboard ready to install
89,000 miles
I am second owner. Bought it in 1989.

Included some pix

Would love your advice on how best to get a car on BaT as I understand they are selective.

Also - if you have interest pre BaT - send a PM.




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I’ve had a couple of listings on BAT, and another going through the acceptance process now.

My impression is that they’ve become less picky in the last year or two. They must like Alfa’s, as they’ve had quite a number of ordinary listings.

My recommendations are fairly common sense. Lots of pictures and a video or two. Probably have to list it no reserve, as your car is not all that unusual, or high priced. Even a perfect S3 Quad is worth only so much, and BAT’s low cost approach means they’d rather not waste their time only to end up with no buyer fee.

It’s a good looking car (except for being red, of course).
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