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'87 Quad, Noise from rear end

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This car was driven many miles before Julio got to attending to it.
New engine mounts.
New radiator.
Replaced front disks and bearings.
New fan.
New drive-shaft support and U-joint.
New fluids.
New clutch and brakes hydraulics.
New left trailing arm bushings.

We know that rear bearings are bad and we know that the rear right spring is broken.

Soft top needs to be replaced. I put some duct tape to prevent leak (I am too lazy to put on hard top, which I have.)

The noise from the rear end I attributed to bad bearings and it's there, particularly audible with the top up.

Suddenly I discovered at higher speeds (anything over 40 MPH) noise similar to the cabin noise with all windows shut but one rear window open. I thought the duct tape went loose and was trapping air, but that is not the case. It is tightly sealed.

So, any guesses:

-My soft top has to go and that'll cure it?
-Replace rear bearings and drink some nice wine while doing it?
-Also replace rear springs while at it?
-Leave the shocks, unless clearly bad?
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Replacing the rear wheel bearings is not a difficult job...except for removing the pressed bearings, they are pressed on the shaft and without the ALFA tool that pulls them off it can be a challenge. Pressing the new ones on is less of a hassle.
I removed the half shafts (easy) anf took them to an ALFA shop (Julio may be a candidate) to have the bearings removed and new ones pressed in.
The bearings and seals you will need are easy to find at any local industrial bearing supplier.

Replacing your bad spring is completely a separate issue. As for the shocks, that too is another task and it is very easy to do.
Would suggest you shop for KYB gas shocks by part # at any national discount auto store. rear shocks are

KYB part # KG5517

Ciao for now...Elio
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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