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I've read many other threads, but I am still at a loss.

Last weekend, my Spider stopped running after driving about 5 miles.

Tested Spark - Good
Removed sparkplug and cranked - no fuel in cylinder
Checked fuel pressure at the rail - about 37psi
Ran an LED (noid light) across injector wiring and cranked engine - No light
Tested FI voltage - ignition off - no voltage to ground (both terminals)
Tested FI voltage - ignition on - 12.3v both terminals
Cleaned ECU ground on engine block - no change to the above
Also, after car sits 15minutes or so, it will run for about 5 second then stall.

What should my next step be?
Relays? If so, drive or Main?
Sensors? Which one would produce the symptoms above?
Anything else? I'm stuck.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Info in the L-jetronic Spider Diagnosis page might be helpful (see link below). The main relay controls the injectors, the drive relay controls the fuel pump power supply.

When it starts & runs for a few seconds my guess is it is running on fuel from the Cold Start Injector (CSI). The CSI is not under computer control. It will supply extra fuel during a cold start based on coolant temp and shut off after a few seconds due to the Thermo Time Switch.
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