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87 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold - 43,000 Miles

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Practically a barn find!

Selling my 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold.
43,000 Miles

The Bad:
Been sitting under a tarp for the last 20 years so paint is bad
Some rust around rear wheel wells
Blower motor is bad, so you don't get any air.

The Good:
Drives great!
Oil and Oil Filter (August 2018)
New Slave Cylinder
Several old hoses replaced
New Fuel Filter (August 2018)
Come with a set of brand new rear brake pads
Brand new tires!
Brand new battery!
Did I say that it drives great?!

I'm not really sure what the value of this vehicle is in current state, but I'd imagine anyone interested in getting into an Alfa could pick this up and turn it into something awesome. Starting a project with a drive-able car puts your leaps ahead. Send me a message with an offer and we'll go from there. Text messages preferred 330.844.6262



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Milanos that need paint work are a tough sale. How rusty is it underneath? Looks like the edge of the reflector bar is busted off. I like the blue color and the low miles though.
The bottom is not rusty at all really... there was a bit of rust on the exhaust underneath it, but I slapped on some tiger tape to seal it up... if you want photos I can try to get some
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