2 liter VVT (Variable Valve Timing) engine and 5spd transmission from a 1986 Alfa Spider Veloce with ~90K miles, last ran in 2016, and taken off the road with multiple electrical problems.
When troubleshooting in 2016, I found cylinder #2 around 20psi down (@~90psi) from other three in static compression testing.
The notorious 2nd gear synchros were actually not too bad when last run. But I only now noticed the nut missing on the trans case. It's a fine thread pitch nut that I probably don't have anywhere here, but I'll keep looking.

I can't guarantee anything, of course. What you see is what you get...and I've got only what's pictured here for sale (computers, etc., already gone).

Cash only...unless you have a cool old (pre-1972) 4-cycle motorcycle (Honda CB?) that can be quietly rolled into my garage without raising anybody's suspicions.