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Hi gang
My golden spider finally hit oil! Since I've owned her, she has on occasion blown a little oil and leaked some out the front, it's an Alfa after all.
A few months back, she really started smoking. Most noticeable on lets say a beer run, engine gets warmed up driving to store, park, come out and smokes like crazy. Spark plug #3 gets fouled easy and is black, others seem to be okay. When it gets really bad, she losses power until we get up to 3k or so.

I'm guessing a valve guide is damage and am thinking about removing the head to take a peek and having it sent out for repair. I like (sort of) working and do most of my own work on her because it's been fairly easy, replaced drive line donut, motor mounts, distributor, tune ups (it's got Bosch FI) waterpump, etc. But not head removal. Last time I did a major overhaul I bought a long-block Chevy.

My questions are:
I have the workshop manual, should I get another book? If so ??
What Seattle area machine shop do you recommend?
With nearly 150k on the car, should I replace all valves and guides?
How easy is it to get the timing chain back in sync?

If I decide to move forward, I'll probably have many more questions so THANKS IN ADVANCE. Kirk

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Kirk -
I'll take a stab at a couple of your questions -
You should be fine with the workshop manual. Everybody I know takes their ALFA heads to Steve Hannifer for machinework - His number is 253-565-3633. He does excellent work, thus you may have to get in line.....
Do the whole job at one time, you'll be glad you did later.

Good luck with the project - It's good to keep those rare champagne Spiders on the road!!
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