Howdy Friends,

It's time to part ways with my GTV6 which simply doesn't get driven enough. Available space in front of our house and lack of driving time are the only reasons for the sale, though it pains me to do so. I bought this from Phil Overeynder and Heavy Metal Alfa (Glenn) back in 2013, drove it home from Aspen, CO, and started getting various work done on it. The nine years I've owned her have been a blast. I've debated selling this for two years now, and I feel pretty sad about it. But now's the time. I'm presenting this as a mostly original, nicely presented, honest driver that needs work in several areas. I am in no rush to sell, and my intention is to get the asking price or close, which I think is fair. Here's a breakdown of everything I can think of about the car:

  • Less than 10k miles have been put on the car in my nine years of ownership. Odo currently shows 127,366.
  • All regular servicing, oil changes, and larger repair and maintenance items were performed by Vittorio and Onofrio at Alfa Italia in Burbank, CA.
  • Front seats were re-covered in very nice vinyl, back seats are original, which are starting to come apart at the seams at the top.
  • Alpine stereo & amp with a trunk mounted subwoofer and Focal speakers in the doors and rear seat panels.
  • Engine and exhaust are 100% stock.
  • Runs and drives well! Never "breaks down", the only real issues I have are when the battery loses too much charge from the car sitting and I have to jump it, or get a new battery which I did not too long ago.
  • During my ownership I've done all kinds of things: clutch, timing belt, water pump, thermostat, alternator, battery(ies), fuel filler hose, rear tail light boards, front left and right ball joints, new ignition key module with two keys, NOS turn signal/lighting pod, 2nd gear synchro repair (starting to grind again, it's been a while), transaxle guibo (starting to rattle again during idle when warmed up), AC work, speedo sender, tires, alignment, etc. Lots of other stuff. I have all the service records.
  • Clean Carfax and CA title.
  • Just renewed the CA registration, new tags. Every year that I've had to do smog it has always passed with zero funny business.
  • Working A/C with R134a conversion. Needs a recharge. Works fine though, and while it doesn't compare to a modern car, it definitely helps to cool things down.
  • Starts up immediately, handles great, drives great, sounds great, smells great. A total charmer.
  • No rust that I can detect with my unskilled eyes, but I'm sure a pro can spot some somewhere.
  • Sunroof works fine and does not leak...this car can be driven in the rain, no problem.
  • Speedo, tach, clock, and water temp gauges all work. See below re: oil and fuel gauges.
  • Dash lights and headlights all work fine, as do the courtesy lights.
  • Yokohama S-Drive 205/55 15" tires still with great remaining tread life.
  • All four Speedline "wineglass" wheels are original, with a fifth in the trunk as the spare.

  • Turn signals partially non-operational. Right one blinks fast, and left one just recently went kaput. The new owners of Alfa Italia put in new rear taillight boards and had it working fine, but now it's not.
  • Remote switch for power mirrors is MIA.
  • Slight grind into second unless you keep the revs up a little bit during shifting, or let the revs fall down and shift slowly.
  • Slight rattle during fully warm idle from the transaxle/guibo junction, as these cars do. Can be mitigated by new guibo replacement, I'm told.
  • Oil pressure gauge doesn't really show much, just kinda hovers in the lower 25% of the gauge even with a fresh oil change.
  • Fuel gauge is intermittent.
  • Paint is somewhat worn out in places, you can see fading on parts of the roof for instance.
  • Various small dings, dents and scratches.
  • Headliner is kind of stained or dirty in places.
  • Power windows open and close very slowly.
  • Has original windscreen with embedded antennae in decent shape, but which has one scratch on it.
  • Dash is cracked underneath a cover that is in good condition.
  • A/C needs a recharge.

I'd prefer to sell this locally, and am happy to entertain anyone who wants to see and drive the car, look through the service records, etc.

Thanks for looking!