1986 Alfa Spider Veloce. SF Bay area car, third owner. Second owner had car 2000-2018, was friend's husband. Have second owner's repair records and my own. (Also have CarFax and repro shop manual). ODO stuck at 61K since first owner. Car was repainted in 1999 and has been continuously garaged and lightly covered since. Neither second owner, nor self, drove more than 800 miles/annually. I had tail painted black to match original. Also had new clutch-slave installed, front steering arm bushing, and column signal switch. The top is good. The seats are drying with cracks but no tears, and they "sag". AC/heater working. The motor runs well, the transmission offers smooth shifting. This is a nice car, a good one for a skilled, or considerate, owner.

Here is what the car needs: under dash wiring and contacts need to be sorted out/cleaned. Odo does not clock, but speedo works, other gauges work, but warning lights flicker. Electric windows and wipers need to be cleaned/lubricated. Front end bushings and/or front suspension needs attention though shocks and springs seem OK. Typical small drip leaks under motor, trans and rear end. Will need new battery soon -- holds a charge but aged. Tires good but aging. The seats need conditioning and "plumping."

I am advertising here because I see a lot of really enthusiastic persons posting. This car has no appreciable rust, so any investment can go into maintaining the car, and driving it. Here is a link to a cold start video. For a car of this era, keep your foot off the gas pedal when cold starting, apply a bit of foot for warm starting.

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