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I've been looking at spiders for the past couple of months by chasing craigslist, hemmings and ebay cars, but I bet the best cared for cars are owned by people in this forum.

I'm looking for a decent driver quality Veloce or Quad (with or without hardtop).

Good mechanical condition.

The paint doesn't need to be perfect, but also shouldn't have a ton of dings/touch-up spots or dents.

Good condition interior (minor rips or splits in the seat covers ok, but a HUGE crack across the dash is not)

Minimal rust.

I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region, but would consider cars throughout the country.

If you'd rather store some cash than your car for the winter, send me a message!

You can also trust your car with me, I appreciate Alfa's and will keep it in good shape or make it better.
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