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85 Spider Flywheel..Desperate

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I am very desperate for a flywheel for my 85 Spider 2.0. I was on my way from SW Florida to Knoxville TN. Im moving back there due to my mother having a 2nd stroke. I was driving up with the car when the clutch burnt out. I hate to admit it, but it was barely slipping when I left and I thought I could easily make it. Unfortunately I made a major miscalculation. The clutch burnt out in Macon Georgia. I have a shop (seems to have a good reputation for working on Italian and German cars) replacing it. I ordered the part next day air from Centerline Alfa and they have it already. The shop got the old out and found out the flywheel is badly cracked. That is a long story, but im stuck here and really desperately need a flywheel. Please someone help me. I will pay for next day air. It's already apart and can't be put back together the way it is. Even if Centerline had a flywheel in stock, I couldn't afford the $500 it cost. This was my father's car (he passed away and left it to me) so I'm not someone that has a lot of extra funds. This move was sudden, but my mother comes first for me (I'm 51, but still a mommas boy).

Thank you to anyone who can help me
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Look up Alfa exchange parts in California they deal in used parts

Ken Smith
Call Larry at Alfa Parts Exchange. He is sure to have a good used one. It will fit in a USPS flat rate medium box so shipping will be reasonable.
Try calling Paul Spruell in Atlanta.

Hopefully someone in the Georgia area has one.
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Are you still in Macon? Also, that flywheel can go on in one of 6 positions and 5 of them are wrong resulting in a non running car.
Maybe this guy would overnight it to you.

Are you still in Macon? Also, that flywheel can go on in one of 6 positions and 5 of them are wrong resulting in a non running car.
Yes I am still in Macon. I been here since Tuesday night. Please tell me you have a flywheel..
Just sent you a PM
See post #4. Paul is a good guy.
Shadetree Enginetrics in Nevada, TX (outside Dallas) has lots of spiders as parts cars.
I am certain he has them available.
Robert - 972-843-8134 Very nice, helpful guy.
Unfortunately, he is in Austin at Circuit of Americas racing this weekend and his shop is closed on Mondays.
I am sure he will answer his phone on Monday, the number given is his cell, but probably wouldn't ship until Tuesday.
Jacksonville is only 4 hours away and Tom Turner of First Floor Sports Cars is an Alfa Expert. He may be able to help you. (904) 354-7798
I should have at least one flywheel, I’ll send a photo Monday, I have lots of spider parts stored at work. Pete.
I got him what should be a good usable flywheel yesterday evening. Hopefully on Monday, he can get it to his mechanic
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Make sure the mechanic knows the correct position to install the flywheel.

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Make sure the mechanic knows the correct position to install the flywheel.

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Thanks for posting this Eric. I told him about the flywheel position and also connecting the sensors correctly but this will help if his mechanic needs an explanation.
I told him to have his mechanic call me if he has any questions about this.
Thanks again
You guys have been extremely helpful. Greg actually drove the part down to Macon Georgia where I am stuck until the car is fixed. But only did he bring the part to me, but I got the opportunity to meet a great guy that I may see in east Tennessee during one of his drives. I only hope I can get the mechanic to call Greg, if nothing else but for pointers.
I cant wait to be the one helping others in here as well. There is nothing like people helping people.
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Batmn1968, You can show him what Eric (ghnl) posted about the flywheel position if needed. He may already know but just in case.
Of the 6 bolt holes in the crankshaft for holding the flywheel on. One has recessed threads. Thats TDC. Line it up with the line on the outside of the flywheel and it should be timed in the correct position.

Thats how it left the factory.
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Well, Apparently the flywheel I got him on Saturday satisfied his mechanic. The mechanic called me this afternoon asking about the correct flywheel position. I sent him Eric's (ghnl) diagram and Jim Gs explanation about the recessed threads so we will see what happens.
Also told him about which crank position sensor connects to which connector on the harness.
Thank you again Greg (pantera928). This has been a little stressful due to the time constraints, but Greg has helped out tremendously. Now I just hope they can finish it correctly tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers for me (and your toes
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