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I thought I would try this before I part the car out. Is anyone interested in a running driveable parts or project car in the Midwest??? It is a 1985 gtv6 with 108K (so it says). I bought it last year after it had sat in a barn for 4 years for something to mess around with. I have grown tired of messing with it and there is probably too much rust to really try and save it as I thought I could when I started, also, winter is coming and I want my garage space back. Anyway, I got it to run, clutch was so seized that last winter I pulled the rear end out, worked on it and freed the clutch, cleaned the back end up and treated rust there with POR 15. Put it back together and there was a problem with the transaxle.

So, the best thing about this car is that I ran across a Milano with bad ABS for cheap that had a transaxle and clutch put in last summer by Rex at Alfasport. Now this gtv6 has nice shifting and a good clutch. Other things I put in or on since last summer:

- timing belt and water pump
- Gregg’s silcone vacuum & coolant hoses
- Poly bushings at the watts linkage, sway bar link and caster upfront
- new ansa muffler and center pipe
- used bilstein hd shocks all around
- rear brake line
- stainless steel braided brake hoses

glass is all good
trim is all present - air dam is good
pinstriped velour seats: passenger is fine, driver has an area of piping coming out (was quoted $75 to fix)
k&n air filter
mirrors both there
wine glass wheels from a milano ( I am going to keep the metric speedlines shown as I put new trx tires on them )

Since I got it all back together enough to drive I have put 20 miles on it tops! Not bad for a years worth of work.

For this thing I would like to get $1,200.00

But wait there is MORE!
Included are: two extra transaxles with clutches, another good air dam and trim from an 82, another good windshield, brembo front calipers, set of taillights, hood, hatch, bumpers and lots of other crud.

For $1,600.00 I will also throw in the speedline rims (5 in great shape) with new trx tires ( the tire guy who mounted them thought they were made in 99) with 20 miles on them. Also, a set of campis in bad shape (4)

For $2,000.00 I will also include all of the above and the recaro front seats from the milano. The interior of it was replaced with one from a verde at some point. These are in very good condition! Oh, and you can have the rest of the milano as well. (it is complete and minus the exhaust and transaxle, the engine is strong, it has been sitting about two months)

Please don’t ask for parts. I would like to move all of it at once. Come, bring your trailer, spouse, spend sometime in Door County and stop by and pick it all up! I am located in Green Bay, WI.

I will see if anyone is interested for maybe a week and if not I will drive it to my friends farm and start pulling it apart. If anyone is serious I can get him lots of pictures.

Thanks for any interest.



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