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'84 Spider Starting Issues- THANKS TO ALL

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I wanted to thank all the folks that have taken time to give this newbie advice and suggestions on how trouble shoot an intermittent and very frustrating starting issue with my Alfie where I could not ever depend on her to start.

Well thanks to all of the suggestions re cleaning fuse block, replacing fuses , cleaning all ground connections etc I got her to well she is starting each and every time very reliable and of course with that a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment . What I think was happening was that I was on the very hairy edge of ever getting enough voltage to the ECU and a lot of time not getting enough voltage to exceed the ECU's threshold ..thus the starter was turning but the ignition cicuitry was not firing.

Oh yes and one other thing..the PO had some extra wiring added under the steering column ( no idea what the hell it was for or well it went ) tied into the combination stalk switch that was causing all kind of weird conditions at fuses 1-5....clipping that baby out solved my problem with getting solid , steady voltage to the fuse block .

So now I have steady lights. indicator lamps and reliable starting and am not facing all of the intermittent "ghost " . I really appreciate all the steering right to the problem areas.

About the only electrical issue I have now is that my combination stalk switch is faulty in the running lights as it is not closing the contact between the yellow and gray wires. Thus I do not get running lights on when I have switch in postion 1 or 2. For now I just hard wired the terminals so that I can have running lights and driving lights on at the same time. If I can find a used combination switch I will put one in but I am sure that before I spend $250 for the new stalk switch I will need to synch that money in the hvac system as my next area to attack is the heater blower motor/switch/wiring ( blower is not comming on at all ) followed by the AC compressor which I beleive is shot .

Again guys ...THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP !!!!

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It's great to read that you've made excellent progress. Keep up the good work, and you will be well rewarded. The Spiders are great cars, and very reliable. For many years a '84 Spider was my daily driver, and even today, it's my favorite Alfa...

Best regards,
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