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There was a local add for an 84 Spider Veloce here in Utah for $1000. I went to take a look at it, and the seller said he would appreciate me posting it here.

The story:

The seller's brother had the car stored in his garage for 16 years in Southern California. It has a California salvage title. It was hit on the driver's side. I can see one weld on the front driver's side crossmember, but otherwise it looks clean. The seller brought it here to Utah 2 years ago. He drove it at that time. He then pulled the engine and tranny and replaced the head gasket and clutch. That's it's current condition. The engine and tranny are still out of the car.

My assessment:

-Very clean - no rust. I have an 84, and I was envious of how clean the undercarriage and engine compartment were. The wheels are near perfect with no nicks or rashing.
-It has a dent on the nose and and a poor respray.
-The interior is all original and pretty clean (other than dusty). A couple cracks on the dash and the seats have some cracking as well.
-All original hoses, but he has a number of new parts (including hoses) to install once the engine goes back in.
-Her says all the electrical switches and gauges worked before pulling the engine.
-150,000 miles and change.

Here's the add. His contact info is in the add. He's a good guy.

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