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Hey There,

So the backing on my driver's door card is pulling apart where all the attachment grommets/hardware is so I can't keep the card sealed properly against the vapor barrier and it is causing problems as winter sets in.

Whether you have a black/black or a black/tan door card of the later type ('84+) I'd consider both. Would prefer one without a big speaker hole in it, but understand these are few and far between so I'll need more info from you concerning any holes already cut into the door card.

Of major concern is the integrity of the backside of the card and its ability to accept/retain the plastic retention grommets and snug tightly to the door frame.

Again, this is the later style door cards that have the upper and lower black horizontal black areas. Interior area is either black or tan. I will eventually be replacing the center material with a grey material so whether you have black or tan material, it is all good to me. More concerned with the backside of the card and its attachment integrity.

Let me know what you have, and at what price.

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