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Pics are in the CL ad
I am selling the car to fund a race car.
Alfa Romeo Spider 1983 Project / Performance

1983 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
2.0L w/ L-Jetronic and 5-speed
Red on Black Leather
Hard top included (not great condition)Convertible top in very poor condition
Modified Engine
Rusted outer rocker panels and spare tire area in trunk (I will give you a replacement spare tire panel)
The brown on the body of the car is some dirt that really came out in the pictures
Modified transmission needs to be rebuilt (I think, whines alot after I put it back together but functions fine)

It starts, runs, dies, then will not even crank over. For this reason I am selling the car as non running. I do not know what causes this but it has been suggested that it may be an ignition switch. Also the battery will drain while the car is off.

The head is ported, shaved, clearanced for larger cams, and has oversize SS valves.

The condition of the car is a project. I have a few parts I will give away with the car, mostly small items and new sheet metal for the hole in the trunk.

The car is near Deale, MD (20779) about 20 min east of Andrews Air Force Base.
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