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'83 Spider no spark

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My '83 AR Spider does not start. Just completed a cylinder head swap after the car sat, covered but outdoors for a year (New England, USA). On cranking, I have fuel but no spark. The rev sensors are good, at ~950 ohms. I installed a brand new battery. There is 12V at connector 10 on the ignition ECU. Further troubleshooting lead me to find that the ignition ECU does not have the required 6-12V between pins 4 and 5, with the ignition switch turned one click, to ignition on.

So apparently I need to check for opens from the ignition switch contact 50 to the ignition ECU contact 4. Any other ideas?

Thank you so much!
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Check for system voltage during cranking. Easiest way is to connect a voltmeter to the battery. It can sound like it is cranking over OK but if system voltage drops below ~ 10.5V the computers won't power up to send the make spark/squirt fuel signals.
update on '83 Spider no spark

Thank you for getting back to me so soon, Eric.
So the at the battery the voltage is 12.78V and on the power block on the drivers side inner fender, I measured 12.77V. During cranking, the voltage at the power block was 10.9-11.0V. I checked the pin 4 to 5 voltage again on the ignition ECU and it measured 9.88V during cranking, and the spec is 6-12V. (My copy of AR Engine Maintenance Manual, L-Jetronic, 50 State Version did not instruct to measure while cranking, so that's why I got 0V when I measured it with only the ignition on). Still no joy.
Checked the throttle switch and got the required 0 ohms closed and infinite resistance when open past the click. Got 12.7V at the coil #1 lead with ignition on.
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