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I have both an 82 Spider Veloce (project car) and a 90 Graduate (Driver). Both have a Bosche system.

I have had a similar problem with both... here it is.

When starting, and sometimes when I'm driving and the vehicle is warm, the engine won't accelerate and bucks. It's like it's flooding. Usually, after working it a bit with my right foot (shame on me) I can get it running good as new.

Unfortunately, I let my 82 sit outside (shame on me again) for about 3 weeks since the last incident and now it won't start at all. I can get it to turn-over, but not start. Even with a charger with 100 amp jump, it won't fire. But, I'm pretty sure I have a good battery.

I cleaned off the ground connection near the battery to make sure I had good power there. I'll check up front.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I've noticed that both vehicles are very water adverse as well, and that they tend to have this behavior when exposed to moisture -- but not exclusively then.

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Daves 90 Spyder said:
Even with a charger with 100 amp jump, it won't fire.
Not a good plan for the presevation of the ECU.

You might want to check the AAV on them to make sure they aren't sticking open and that they have very good condtion rubber hoses that aren't leaking anywhere. (several threads on false air around here for more details)

After that it's check/clean all the electrical contacts, make sure fuel pressure is up to par along with a few other tune up type sundry items.
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