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Greetings fellow BB'ers - I've come to the point where I have to rationalise with my projects and move on and unfortunately a lot of money has been spent, I guess I'm just one of those people that has too many ideas/projects on the go and not enough time/$ to acheive it all :) So here it is if anyone in Adelaide is looking for an Alfetta:

1982 Alfetta Sedan (red, originally silver), around 75% dismantled.
Doors, bootlid, bonnet, lower front panel have all been dipped, stripped and coated so they won't rust (cost me $1400 alone). I have 3 other spare doors which I was going to cut metal out to weld in, as some of the original doors have a few rust holes (all rust now gone though). Body is dead straight, and never been in an accident as far as I can tell. I have welded in new metal at the bottom front sections of the sills - this needs a bit of a tidy up, but the hardwork has been done. Engine bay is 90% complete and ready for paint, some grinding is needed to finish the passenger side where the windscreen washer bottle sits (rust cut out and removed, leaky bottle!). Again the cutting/welding is already done. Bottom of rear window has some rust, and was the last thing I was going to tackle, probably a days work if your handy with the mig welder. I have all glass and trim, front grilles (several, both big headlights and quad headlight units), tail lights etc.

Engine and driveshaft are out of car. Original engine needs a rebuild, however I have a 2L spare which apparently had the top end redone. Transaxle is still fitted (along with all rear suspension and the rear wheels). I have a spare 2L head which looks mint as well. There is a Japanese aircon compressor and a custom bracket to fit either of the Alfetta engines - much lighter and efficient than the original compressor. There is also a spare transaxle.
Front suspension is all dismantled - but it has all been grit blasted and powder coated black and is ready for assembly. Front of car is sitting on a little trolly and can be moved about or moved onto a truck (have done this without a problem). Original shocks go with the car, 4 Koni reds are available at extra cost. Front brake callipers have been cleaned/painted, just a seal kit is required for reassembly. I didn't fit them as I was looking at fitting bigger brakes. Also all nuts/bolts/screws/brackets/etc were cleaned and freshly electroplated to look new again.

- no front seats - I was going to fit Alfetta coupe or GTV6 seats, but never got round to finding any.
- front and rear bumpers - they were the yucky metal / plastic combination and the plastic was stuffed. I was going to keep the car bumperless, but fit the rare all metal bumpers if I ever came across any. I have a contact in Holland who probably has some if anyone is interested.

This Alfetta would make an awesome race or fast street vehicle. I loved driving it, and had big plans for a twinspark with Webers and 200bhp, painted a lovely metallic silver. Most of the messy hardwork has been done - I'm not saying there isn't any more hardwork(!), but I reckon I've sunk close to $5000 into this and thats too much to just give away as scrap.

I am open to offers around the $1700 mark, which gets:
- the car and all associated trim/glass, dipped panels etc
- both 2L engines and spare head
- spare transaxle
- aircon compressor and bracket
- restored front suspension
- various restoration manuals
- clean title - car can be reregistered and has never been written off
- also a pair of brand new Fiat 131 headlamp assemblies and lenses - I was going to modify the Alfetta grille to accept these because they are RHD and look awesome - these cost me a $hitload!

Will post pictures shortly!

I need the car moved within about 10 days. Send me a PM if interested :)

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