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'82 Alfa Spyder Seat Swap Ideas Needed

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I have tried to find a set of affordable original seats for my '82 Alfa Spyder with no luck. I am now trying to figure out which type of car seat would work best to swap out my originals, Miata, fiat, porsche, etc. This is not a show car by any means. I am just looking for a set that is in good condition, comfortable and as easy to swap as possible. Does anyone have any information on this??
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I've sen Miata seats, that's the best bet. Someone here has shown photos of theirs recently. With the right mounts you can get them lower, they'll have to be custom mounts FWIW.
I put a couple Miata seats in the 74 I'm finishing up a complete restoration on. I got them right down on the floor and the height is really close, elbow on door feels right and l'm looking out at the same height above the steering wheel as I am in the GTV.
hope that helps
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I have a set of affordable vinyl tan seats with head rests from my 89 in real nice driver condition if they would work.
Duh. I also have a mint black quad-type seat, but driver only. Let me know if you're interested, it would bolt right in.

This one, it's in my Berlina:

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Duh? What do you mean by that?
I found a pair of seats from an 86 Veloce in a junk yard and paid a local guy $200 to re-cover them in cloth. They are comfortable and they do not leave me in a pool of sweat in the summer.


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Duh? What do you mean by that?
I mean that I'm an idiot. I have a good spider seat I'd like to sell, and I'm pointing him to a Miata seat. Duh.
I saw Porsche 914 seats in a friend's spider.
they fit, but doesn't look good.
I know he had to change the mounts.
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