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Job is, 90% done about 3 hrs.
1st problem, interference from the non installed stud, Screw KN , & the (aftermarket) outside support plate for the carbs. Solution, remove tHe Plate, drill relief holes, am advised these plates are a help.

2nd. Interference aft of the rear carb & a “frame pc? “ at the far bottom, aft 1 inch or so made Some, not enough adjustment, hammer & punch could at least get it all together.
Looks good, clearance though is only .025 bottom outside KN pc & this ”frame pc.” thus not enough for engine mounts, movement, (181-184 psicompression, some sort of cams), little shake have to remove that cleaner, do a neater job., look for +1/4” clearance.
Bottom line, has not been, nor will be a quick fix.

Does rid me of the (filled with course steel wool) air cleaners. right angle Al { velocity tubes).

Last I tried could not post pixs, I have taken pixs, not skilled, available to any one interested.
All advise appreciated.

Bill, :|
[email protected]
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