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79 Alfetta GT Vintage Race car

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1979 Alfetta vintage race car for sale. The car was used for hillclimbs for many years in the northeast. A friend purchased it to go vintage racing and passed away prior to ever racing it. I inherited the car and raced it at the Mitty in 2019. A new fire system, belts and window were installed prior to the Mitty. Includes 2 sets of wheels, one with Michelin TB series vintage tires that were installed for the Mitty. Wheels are Volvo items that came with car as it was run for hill climbs. Runs well, handles wonderfully. Transaxle in car has welded diff. Includes spare transaxle with open diff. Car has SCCA log book. Asking $7000. Located near Greenville, SC
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Interested, PM sent
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