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'78 Spider for sale (Seattle)

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Okay, I'm officially frustrated , here. I wrote up a long, detailed explanation of the car I have for sale, but when I posted, it said I wasn't logged in, so when I logged in, the post was gone! SO...78 Spider for sale in Seattle, Red/Tan, new clutch, new front brakes, good running, reliable, fun, sexy! See Ebay listing # 2418164003. I'd sell it for about $3500. Originally a Cali car, has early exhaust mani, no cat, no smog pump, but I have these items to sell separately, if needed. Thanks for looking.
Patrick Hood, frustrated post-er, Seattle, WA.
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Hi carpoor
My wife says your nickname is my condition.
Before you enter a post on the board, write it out in word, do a select all and copy it to the board.
Thanks, MrC. I'll give that a go... I think my screen name is probably appropriate for ALL alfisti, at least TRUE Alfisti. ;}
I ain't showing your user name to my wife! No need to remind her.

At least it's not PoorCar. :)
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