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I am selling my 78 Alfetta Sedan. I've had it just over 2 years, and have driven it very little. I originally bought it to be a cheap replacement for my old Verde that I sold right before I got married.

I am in need of a Verde again, and we are in the process of buying another car for my its time to let the Alfetta go.

As you may know, it needs some minor work done. Check here:

I don't have time to do the work myself (not to mention, I'm scared I'd mess it up) so I got a quote to fix it from my mechanic. I am planning on taking it in at the end of this that will be fixed.

For more info about the car, please see my ad on Alfa Classifieds (I hope that is ok, mods, if not let me know).

I am asking $1600, and the car is in the SF Bay Area.



oh yeah, here's a pic of the car:

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