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76 spider parts car-

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I recently picked-up a couple of cars that I really don't feel like parting out myself so I'm offing at least one- they have titles and are complete and I'm asking $750.00. If you have an older car you want to update for time trialing or whatever these cars come with turbina wheels, a 4.56 LSD, the later spindles and bigger front calipers, 2.0L engine and trans. One of them is actually saveable -the biggest issue being a soggy interior. The sum total value of the parts I listed is actually enough to cover the asking price. So bring a trailer to the open house! Fred. 360-588-8311.
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Price drop-

I still have these cars so I'm going to drop the price to $500.00. One of them is probably saveable while one is a parts car for sure.
Photos? That always helps, no matter the condition. Better than a pig in a poke. ;)
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