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76 alfetta

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any opionons on this year & make.....i have a 76 spider but also wanted to learn more of the sedan styles....i'm an x-911 sc driver so i really no, m:rolleyes:
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They say, "Real Alfisti drive sedans", so you've got the same engine as your spider, but with the transaxle gearbox at the back, four doors for practicality.

Alfettas are top cars, but dont be comparing it to your old 911. Its just chalk and cheese.
this Alfetta is a two door so i'm assuming it's a "sport sedan". i have a 77 spider that is fun enough but would like to restore this seems more affordable then the other sedan styls.....i just wnated to know if its worth it??!!! sounds like it is! best, Michelle
So, in America the Alfetta GT/V are known as "sport sedans" ?!?!
according to my parts catiglog: 116 series Alfetta 2000cc, from 1975-80 the 116.70 was called a Sport Sedan. the 116.15 & 116.29 was a GTV, GT & Sprint Veloce. E-bay just had a nice Berlina....very nice. Yes i would love a Giulietta.....i have seen them from about 12,000 on up to 50,000 USD. Love the pic. of Pavarotti...what an amazing, Michelle
Alfettas are top cars, but dont be comparing it to your old 911. Its just chalk and cheese.
I have to agree with that.The Tipo 116 Alfetta has a brilliant and much more sophisticated mechanical layout (front engined,rwd,transaxle and an almost ideal weight distribution for its time)than any of its contemporary Porsches.It's more neutral,safer and has better road handling than any 911 of the past decades,which continues to use the mechanical layout of a cheap city car of the 30s.
Where are you from?? You should put that in your user profile so that it shows up in the right top corner of your posts. Alfettas especially had all sorts of different names and versions depending on what market it was sold in.

A two door is not a sport sedan, it's a GT, GTV, Sprint Veloce or generically called a "coupe" body style. A U.S. spec. 1976 coupe would be a GT(if very early) or more likely a GTV. Sedans or Berlinas are 4 door cars. The "Sport Sedan" name appeared in late '77 as they phased out the Alfetta name altogether in the U.S. (the coupe became simply the Sprint Veloce. So '78-79 model years were not officially called Alfettas in our market. I'm not aware of any 1980 model year making it to our shores, they had a hard enought time unloading the last of the '79's (mine was bought new in mid-1980).
The 2-Door cars for the US market (maybe North America) was as follows:

1975 to 1977 - Alfetta GT
1978 to 1979 - Sprint Veloce
i'm in santa barbara, ca. i have been looking at a 76 Alfetta on cheap ck it out let me know waht you think. best, m
Look for a '75 then - harder to find, but you won't have to deal with the smog nightmare.
And remember - they may be cheap to purchase, but they're not cheap to own!
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