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So VintageRob (who has a BEAUTIFUL 76 GT in the same wonderful blue color mine is) came over today in an attempt to get my not-nearly as beautiful 76 GT running again.

To recap, last Oct 2006 when I bought it, I actually drove it but it ran extremely rich. I figured bad TA and sure enough, when I got it home and checked it out the TA was completely retracted.

So I made a dummy TA and started to try to get it running better...then eventually got a Shankle Sure Start.

During those tries, I got the car running again, albiet poorly like before, then over time got it running only on 2 cylinders....then later I just put it in the garage and quit messing with it.

There it has sat since Dec 2006 when I pulled it out of the garage last week. Rob came over today and we started messing with it.

Fuel pressure looks fine, you can hear the fuel pump and the low fuel press light goes off quickly. But now, no spark at all.

Broke out the multimeter to confirm power to the coil and we're getting about 12v there.....but confirmed no spark from the wires to plugs.

Removed the cap just to check things out and there is a thin film of oil everywhere, not in the rotor/coil area where those contacts are, but underneath the rotor where the condenser and points are.

Anyone have any thoughts there? We're thinking distributor seals which is why as I had it running, the oil got past the seals and it gradually went downhill from there.

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