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Well hello, I am from Orlando, FL and my friend and I are the owners of an 88 Alfa 75 1.6 with a 2.0 Twin Spark swap.

So my good friend was in the army and I was there to visit him in Germany while he was deployed. We are both big into cars, I mainly work on Volvos and he worked on different American cars, Jeep CJ's and Mustangs. Long story short we ended up getting it in the Netherlands from another Alfa owner (sorry forgot your name). Because of a test drive from Ron at RSR Performance and of course, Top Gear.

So we ended up buying the thing and getting it shipped back to Orlando, well it did make it alright and gives me a smile every time I've driven it, but not when I have to work on it.

I was hoping that I might end up running into the dutch guy that restored it to give me some more info on it since I have some of its original documents.

And my other euro ride

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