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Offering several lots, of used 750/101 parts for Sprints or Spiders. These parts are in as-removed condition.

Lot 1. Rear side vent window mechanisms. Most likely from a '59 Sprint, but I believe would also fit later models and the SS. Not NOS, but very good vintage condition; all pivots move freely. Note: missing one of the small thru-glass bolts. Asking $100 for the pair.

Lot 2. Rear-view mirrors. Most likely from late 750/101 Spiders. Two mirrors and one support post. The post is solid Al and marked 1642 on the bottom. The post has surface corrosion that could readily be removed and polished. However, it also has a hole in the back end where it looks like someone over tightened the mirror mounting bolt. stem.

The simpler mirror looks like it was originally painted, and the paint shows rusting underneath. It looks like the polished metal one on my 750 spider, and might clean up very nicely polished or painted. The mirror surface appears tinted -- which I believe is original -- and looks good.

The adjustable mirror has all its pieces. The chrome surround has three small (5 mm) chips in its chrome, but otherwise looks very nice. The textured black paint on the body is good, but you might want to respray. The glass looks good, but shows shadowing where the attachments are mounted on the rear surface at certain angles.

Sold as a set. Asking $75 for the two mirrors & one post.

Lot 3. Interior Sprint molding pieces. Two interior trim pieces that I believe go by the rear side window. Also a trim strip that looks like it should serve to mount a piece of fabric or maybe window felt, and other trim pieces and corners as shown in the photo. Also, a few stainless/Al trim screws and 2 small brass fasteners. I am sure if you need them you will know exactly what these parts are for. Asking $35 for the lot.

Lot 4. Pair window winder handles. I believe from a 750 Sprint, but maybe several OE applications. The chrome on one (handle on left in photo) is in very good vintage condition, but there are some issues around the hole for the winder knob -- it is mis-shapen and shows a couple of small cracks/splits. It is not cracked all the way through and is still serviceable and repairable.

The chrome on the other shows pitting and would likely best be re-chromed. The phenolic (?) knobs on both are in good vintage condition, showing scratches and dents typical of age and usage.

Asking $70 for the pair.

All prices PLUS shipping from US zip 20003 (Washington, DC)

Will take $225 for all 4 lots.

Will entertain any reasonable offer for any one or more lots.


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