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Hi all -

If anyone is interested, I have a friend a few blocks away interested in selling his nice '75 US-model Spider. It was purchased new by a serious Alfa guy with a big collection of old Alfas. His son (my neighbor, a university professor, my age) acquired it at and drove it rarely - it sat in a garage covered. He and I would drive our boys up canyon roads in our Spiders together when they were little.

When he moved to Europe for a new position, he sold it to an engineer friend in the neighborhood. This neighbor has put a lot of work into it at a reputable specialty shop - rebuilt transmission, suspension, rubber, etc etc. He told me $10,000 worth.

He's not really an Alfa guy and the fun has worn off I think. He offered it to me, but I have a Duetto. My son is restoring a BMW E30, so he said no as well.

I think it could be had for under $4000 now. You'll have to look into it to verify, but I think mechanically it's in great condition. The top looks good, interior good, dash good. It lives in a dry mountain climate. Paint is a bit faded, and I saw a couple of little parking lot door dings. It's the Farina(?) orange-red. It has duel Webers (converted by the father when new is my memory) Stock Turbina wheels in good condition.

Stock (with Webers), original, cared for, nice. US bumpers. I assume the miles are pretty low.

Send me a PM and I can forward your questions or contact info to him. I don't have pics and I don't want to be his broker or rep, he just asked me If I knew anyone interested - and this is the place.

The car is in Missoula Montana (far western edge of MT, 7 hours from Seattle.)

Thanks -
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