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75 Twin Spark plugs

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Hi guys,

I recently had a mis-fire on the twin spark, I managed to get a second hand lead to"get me going" in the short term but I figured this was a warning to get some new leads and plugs.

The original Lodge plugs are not readily available down here, so what's a recommended alternative?

REPCO (replacement parts supplier) list the NGK BCPR6ES as the correct plug. Does anyone have any thoughts? And what should the plug gap be?

Thanks in advance for all opinions.

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I took the advice of someone on this BB who said BERU UXF56. I had never heard of them, but a search on the internet found them. I bought a set of 8 and they are great. I have only been using them for a few thousand miles, though.

Here is the link to the topic:
It took me a while to find these plugs through trial and error, i now use Bosch Platinum iridium fusion 4501 plugs fit and work great. they look similar to lodge plugs but plantinum iridium plugs.


I use NGK BCP6ET in mine. Until recently the car did a 100 mile a day commute, annual trip to the Nurburgring and a couple of trackdays. I've now got my hands on a 60 horsepower Fiat Punto for the commute so the Alfa only does the track stuff now. Just back from the annual Alfaholics trackday where it went round and round all day with no problems.

We had some discussion over whether it needs BCPR6ET (resistor) plugs or not. I've tried both and can tell no difference.
BERU UXF56 plugs have recently been discontinued. They have been in my car for many years. Going with the NGK BCP6ET now. Interested to see the 3 electrode design.
Never had issues with NGK BP6ES. Twinspark by nature of the design is not that reliant on the exact model of spark plug.
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