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Unimpressed with the clunky ride of my new 74 spider, I'm considering replacing the shock. going over bumps, it feels like the car is bottoming out, which i think it is, hitting the rubber bumpers. likely not a disaster, but I'm thinking new shocks should fix this issue. So, I looked on centerline and International. Is anyone familiar with KYB or OE shocks? I was more interested in spending the $60-75 per corner than the $120 for koni or bilstien, but thought it wise to consult an opinion other than my wallet's.

Also looking to fix my 2nd (and 3rd) gear grind. I suppose i ought to read the past posts before asking, but what is considered the best budget fix? I found a $600 quasi rebuilt tranny available at APE, I hear you can get your rebuilt for ~2k, eek. is there a resource that explains the DIY tranny rebuild? that strikes me as another possible sub 1k solution.

She also backfires on deceleration. When i got it it ran well besides the backfiring. I got half way through adjusting the TA before i got distracted,something seemed fishy, but i need to go back to my notes. it's not still backfiring on decel but also, on a cold start it will die when you give it too much gas. but after 1 minute of warming up that goes away and it runs normally. any thoughts?

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