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I was getting desperate for a tool to remove the lock ring on he FCS to adjust the fuel mixture because I had already burned up four new sets of plugs due to the richness of the mixture.

I saw an ad from totally Alfa and contacted the owner Gary, I told him of the dilemma and asked when if ever he would make any tools for the FCS in my spider, he told me he was starting to work on that next.

he sent me an e-mail about two weeks later and told me he had the part ready to go, I purchased it and it was $89.00 US with shipping, I got it ten days later, the tool was a perfect match and works as the original should have, a great amount of craftsmanship went into the building of this specialized piece. the tool works so well in fact that even though a previous owner had damaged the tines in the lock ring it still worked to unlock the ring.

if you need this or other Alfa specialized tools contact Gary at Totally Alfa you will be totally glad you did.

thanks Gary

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