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'74 Spider front clip

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Perfect front clip.

Car still has a good, low miles 2ltr (30K) but floor and rocker rust make restoration impractical.

Other parts negotiable.

The nose was a factory manufactured replacement installed after an accident. Protected through the years by a thick coat of Emron.



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bumpers, etc

That's a good question.

I have three sets of bumpers. I need to pull them all, clean them up and figure out which I want to keep and which I can recondition and sell.

If you can be patient I'll hold on to your request.

I'm going to be keeping the grill as a backup. I have two, both of which are fairly pitted, but from experience I find that they take a lot of abuse...

Anyone out there have any interest in sheet metal? :confused:

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interior bits

Not too much left in the way of interior. I have a spare rear-drape set with split seams, a handful of guages, gauge shrouds, some rusty seat pans, etc.

Of the two parts cars I have, one had already been stripped and the other (the one with the nice front clip) I stripped and used as a donor for my resto. Both cars are just empty shells - one with and one without a motor.

I'll only have one spare bumper set when all is said and done. I'll post photos when I've pulled them.


Someone come get this car. Good motor, nice doors, nice nose. Definitely worth saving :)

I wish I could - just don't have the space.

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