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I am thinking of selling my 74 GTV but would like some advice on how much to ask for it. I purchased it from the original owner four years ago. The car has roughly 43,000 miles which is backed up with a thick file of receipts. Most of the work was done by Mike Besic. Since I have owned the car, the following work has been done:

Rebuilt calipers, brake lines, rotors and pads.
Suspension bushings replaced
New Konis and springs
New fuel pump
Rebuilt starter
Radiator recored and hoses changed
New clutch master cylinder
New motor mounts
New seat belts
New Chromodora Daytonas and Yokohamas (still have the original steel wheels)

The car originally came with A/C. I took it off but saved all of the parts. I recently drove it on a 400 mile trip to Wisconsin and back with no problems. The interior is original but in good condition (the seats could be restiched). There is some surface rust on the undercarraige and one of the sills has an issue. Overall, it is a solid, highly original car.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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