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Sold for $34.5k seems like a great deal... but what do I know
Yes, I had the same reaction. All I can guess is that this is a "driver-quality" car, and not one that's "flipper quality". The paint had flaws, the engine had been converted to Webers, etc. It was obviously owned by a loving enthusiast and if left as-is, will probably bring a lot of joy to another enthusiast.

The GTV's that go for $50K on BaT these days are more like meme stocks; they aren't bought to be held, they're bought to be re-sold. For that, a car needs to be more original, have nicer paint, etc.

Of course, there's always the worry that whoever spent $34.5K on this one was thinking "hmm, if I put $X into body & paint, and picked up a Spica system for $Y, and maybe another $Z into the interior, I could re-sell it for ....."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts