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74 GTV - interior rear trim corner piece (USA)

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I need the the LEFT twin of the pictured piece. It's for the rear/trailing lower corner of the rear triangle vent window at the C pillar on the inside. Have the right...missing the left.

Located in Chicago, IL USA.

Thanks -


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Contact APE. Alfa Parts Exchange. Great service and great guys. Phone # 209-365-1383 i California.
Good luck.
I had a local machine shop that specializes in sheet metal make this piece.

The replacement part came out so nice that I had them make a new one to substitute for the one that was not missing.

Took all of an hour for them to fabricate the pair. It cost me $60 for the pair when made in 2006.
i mite have one i had the same trouble will look on monday i will let you know if i do have one it will be 25.00
1 - 4 of 4 Posts