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73 spider w/ Spica improve intake sound

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i know this video is using Carbs, and i know the K&N filter is marketing B.S. ... but is there anything i can do to make the engine have that louder, low grunting sound? (like this video)

Messing with the exhaust usually does not produce that kind of sound, like the front grunt. Is there another type of filter i can use or some other modification? Or do i really just need to do an exhaust modification and that is the only thing that will really do it justice?
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i guess i am trying to figure out how i can get my car to sound like that. Is the fact i have spica going to make it impossible?
Find a pair of the old Shankle Quadraflow air cleaners for Spica FI. That set up used two oval shaped K&N filters. It gives quite a bit of intake noise.
is there any risk in harming my engine by doing this?

also.. how easy is that to install? // (are there guides anywhere or will it be in the maintenance manual?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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