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73 Spider for Sale:

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OK, sports fans and fellow Alfisti, I give up. For 15 years I have had a '73 Alfa Spider gathering dust in my garage, and I have decided to pack it in. I finally got the dash off last week, looked at the mess underneath, and decided, well, this ain't happening. I am offering her for sale.

For Sale:

1 each 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider, good engine & trans, running when parked, etc. The body is mostly straight, but the floorboards are rusted out. All bumpers, lights, trim, etc. are intact. The Previous Owner gave me a sheaf of reciepts that read like a litany of why practical people don't buy Alfas. Rebuilt crankcase, turned crank, Borgo Piston rings, etc, etc. He bought the car in 1981 for $1900, and then, as near as I can tell, spent at least that much on repairs, then unloaded it on me. When I bought it, he swore up and down that the 64,000 miles on the odometer was legit. Of course, he also said all it needed to run & drive was a new battery. He neglected to tell me that the floorboards were rusted out, the top was rotten, as were the seats, and both windows were held up by 1 x 2 wooden boards, since the cables were snapped.

Anyway, I decided to take on the project, since I knew that driving an Alfa would make up for a lot of problems. But I just don't have the wherewithal to handle this project. I went ahead a bought a bunch of parts, to wit:

Floor Pans – L & R $431.00 Eriminas Imports
Caliper Rebuild Kits -F & R $30.90 Centerline
Top Radiator Hose $8.25 IAP
Lower Radiator Hose $12.95 IAP
Bypass Hose $9.75 IAP
Radiator Cap $5.95 IAP
Handbrake shoes – 4 @ 11.50 ea $46.00 IAP
Handbrake Cable – Long center $48.50 IAP
Brake Pads – Italian Metallic Front $28.50 IAP
Brake Pads – Italian Metallic Rear $28.50 IAP
Brake Rotor Front – 2 @ 48.95 ea $97.90 Centerline
Brake Rotor Rear – 2 @ 40.95 $81.90 Centerline
Engine Cooling Fan $38.95 Centerline
Front Springs (Pair) $132.50 Centerline
Rear Springs (Pair) $108.00 Centerline
Fan Shroud $56.50 Centerline
Seats, webers $400.00 Wrecking yard
Wheels – Cromodoras $50.00 E-Bay
Total $1,616.05

With the initial investment of $1000 for the Alfa, I have around $2600 invested. I say around, because the above is all I can remember at the moment. I bought more stuff, and am in the process of gathering it for the sale.

Pictures below:
Two seats, like new, from an '82, Two Weber carbs, from the same car, 4 New Brembo Rotors, New floor pans.

OK, if you're still reading, here's the deal. This thing needs to be on the road. If there are any brave souls out there who will give me money for this thing, message me. The car is in Fort Worth, TX, and I'm not shipping anything anywhere. This is almost a complete car. The only big ticket items left to get are the top, exhaust, gas tank, and windshield. I want to sell it complete. If I have no takers, I'll just keep on working. Best offer gets it.






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Pics of the car??
Did you install the floors? If not are those for sale?
sgtpeper: more pics are at:

Frank: No I haven't installed the floorboards and no nothing is for sale separately. If I can't sell this beast, I'll need to put them in. The whole thing goes, or nothing goes.
Change of plan: what do you all think about parting out this beast? I haven't done much on it since I posted the above 5 years ago, and I'm getting a little old (pushing 70) to be lying on the garage floor trying to change out transmission supports.

What do you think? All parts remain as before, with more disassembly. Dash is out, hood & trunk lid are off, engine & trans are out.

Anybody want to make some offers?

You could try selling it as a documented PROJECT on BringATrailer. They get one in this kind of ready for a new owner to tackle collection of stuff about every week or two. They seem to get reasonable money from knowledgeable folks who are willing to arrange the shipping.

Seems to be complete enough.

Good luck!

How about giving us some idea how much you want for it? Personally if I see an ad with no asking price I ignore it.
Prices are posted above. If you are interested in body parts, doors, hood, trunk lid, etc, make an offer. I also have the complete interior, and all chrome, but the front bumper is a little beat up.

OK, another change of plan. After a couple of inquiries and a trip to UPS to get shipping charges, I've decided that it would be more work to part this thing out than to finish the restoration. So, it's no longer for sale.


Ralphie, Trust me on this on I own an Alfa shop and have been working on them for 25 plus years. That is one HELL of a project your taking on! We are all in our forth quarter of life do what men should do, chase women... Unless you enjoy going to the post office 3 times a week selling fuse box covers or horn relays sell the WHOLE project at once! Give a fair price and take your lose and give the project to someone that has a lot of time AND money. Call Alfa Parts Exchange and they may even pick up for you.. Good luck. Jim
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