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73 Berlina front winshield trim

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I sure hope some of you don't get tired of me and my windshield saga... I have a 1973 Berlina 2000 with a busted front windshield. The current windshield is a glue-in, but I have been convinced by several people to try switching to a gasket windshield. In short, the glue-in windshields are next to impossible to find and the gasket type windshield at least exist and are shared with the Giulia sedans. I've identified a windshield, can get the gasket from Classic Alfa, and have a shop that can do the work.

Now to the next "impossible" task. I need to find the aluminum trim for the gasket. I assume this would be the same for the Berlina and Giulia sedans. It is the t-cross-section type aluminum trim. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated!

As a side note, I've heard some say you can get by without the trim, I've heard others say to absolutely not install and drive without the trim. Thoughts?
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I've heard others say to absolutely not install and drive without the trim. Thoughts?
I wonder what the reasoning is behind the "absolutely not". Is it because they think the trim helps hold the glass in by providing a sort of frame to keep the rubber from squishing? Any first-hand examples of Berlina or Super windshields popping out because the trim wasn't installed? If it were me and I wasn't having any success sourcing the trim, I'd sure give it a try. Especially if it means the difference between driving and not driving my car. I would agree that it's probably not possible to install the trim after the gasket has been installed on the car but you can always buy another gasket for $100 when you finally do source the trim. I've seen pictures of cars missing the trim and while it doesn't look exactly right, you sure don't notice it behind the wheel, which is where most of the fun of owning a Berlina is (IMHO). :)
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To make it simple and with my experience :

1°) You don't have the aluminium trim for the gasket : you can easily install the windshield with the gasket onto the car. That's all, no problem.
If you find the aluminium trim next, you won't be able to put it without removing windshield and gasket from the car.

2°) You have the aluminium trim for the gasket : you must install, outside of the car, gasket around the windshield and aluminium trim in gasket (without frame clip). Then you install this unit onto the car. After that you install the aluminium frame clip to finish the installation.
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