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Hello, fellow Alfa Romeo lovers. This is a great car ready for a good home. I have waited to get this car in basically perfect condition to sell. This is an Alfa that runs so beautifully, you will really be impressed. Alfa of Tacoma has gone through the vehicle, adjusted the spica fuel injection, tuned the car, put in a new starting system and it just goes like the wind now! This is a '73, so it's 'pure'; no catalytic converter, no smog requirement. Put the pedal to the floor and it's just fine with that.


Main strengths: it drives fantastically. Newer clutch, spica is good, nice just flies. Drive it.

Pleasant looking paint, but it's not an expensive paint job. (but it's not a $14000 car either). There has been some body work done and there is a little bit of rust in the left front panel...but it's not bad for a '73.

It's buffed and waxed. It really looks fantastic.

Decent interior (new shift boot, nice steering wheel, clutch knob, clutch boot, it's an aftermarket dash top, newer glove box cover, seat covers are not fancy but are nice).

New rear window (nice and clear)

Top is in good shape on the tears. The inside of the top is not lovely to look at, but who does look at it? Clamps nicely.

New points, plugs, condenser, alternator (!), thermostatic actuator is rebuilt, fuel injection system checks out well. More new parts than that...

Brakes just checked and they are 'perfect' according to inspection.

Simple car cover included.

Fine stereo/cd player with 4 well!

Newer clutch! No 2nd gear syncro problem. This is big.

So, for $7300 you get an amazing car that basically runs like a new car.

Don't miss it.

David 360-441-0728

note: tachometer does not work properly and speedometer works but is slow to react...both have new cables, installed properly.


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