1973 Alfa Romeo Spider offered for sale in Vancouver, BC, Canada

A photo gallery is available at the following url:

I am asking $23,000 (Canadian), but will entertain offers.

I have owned this car for 13 years and invested over $45,000 CAD in its maintenance and restoration

I purchased the vehicle from a car collector in San Diego and drove it to Vancouver where it has since remained, always garage kept.

The car has been refitted with Euro bumpers set close in to the body like the North American 1971 cars and as with the European models for most of the 1970s. The original bumpers were stainless and essentially the same but with rubber bumperettes and set out more from the body. The car has aftermarket alloy wheels designed to the resemble the original steel wheels which are also included in the sale. The car has a replacement fabric roof in excellent condition.

This car has the original SPICA fuel injection that I believe the previous owner had rebuilt by Wes Ingram in Washington State. I fitted the car with a rebuilt thermostatic actuator last summer and the car runs extremely well and it's 2.0 litre engine provides ample power for a vintage car of it's era.

The car was maintained by and partially restored by Franco Marascio (sadly now retired) of FM Auto Repair in Burnaby, BC. Vancouver Alfa owners know Franco is a perfectionist and Alfa specialist and only carried out work to the highest possible standard.

Work included:
  • Total rebuild of engine (including brand new head) and transmission;
  • refurbished/rebuilt suspension;
  • Replacement of metal floors;
  • upgrade to electronic ignition;
  • New leather upholstery on seats and door panels;
  • Majority of rubber floor mats replaced with new;
  • Replacement brighter headlights;
  • New exhaust;
  • New fuel pump;
  • Replacement radiator;
  • New windshield;
  • Rebuild/replacement of many principal mechanical parts – even wheel hubs were overhauled.
Subsequent to Franco's retirement a few years ago I also had the clutch replaced and swapped the differential with a replacement unit.

The previous owner painted the car with a high end finish and the paint still looks good, but there are some little dents and scratches as well as obvious corrosion in bottoms of the fenders and in the rocker panels. At some point the car will need body work and a repaint but still looks great and can be enjoyed as is for some time. But mechanically, you would be hard pressed to find a better example.

Bear in mind that the wiring is largely original and 50 years old now. Some electrical functions don't work due to bad connections. These include the dashboard turn signal indicator, and second speeds for the heating fan and windshield wipers. Various interior warning lights don't work (and may not be wired) nor do the interior lights come on (I did have those working not long ago, so I believe this is simply due to poor connections). The turn signal wand was replaced but I believe not properly installed so that it won't automatically turn off when the steering wheel returns to centre. The signals do work; you just have to manually turn them off.

I have described the vehicle as best I can but I must emphasize, the car is sold as is with no warranties or formal representations of any kind.

The photos are mostly one year old. The interior and engine photos are from this summer.