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I am in negotiations to buy my dream Alfa so my 72 GTV project has to go. I have been working on this car for a year, gathering parts and getting it ready for paint. I'm not sure of the best way to market it but it may be just what someone has been looking for so here goes.

I'm going to market it modularly thus:

1. The car as a roller with all it's original parts except engine. Slight rust, off the road for 4 years, recovered rear seats, very straight bumpers etc. Includes about $500 worth of very nice used parts from APE including dash switches, American tail light lenses, vitaloni mirrors, steering wheel center etc. A very presentable car as it sits. $3500 obo.

2. The engine rebuilt ready to install- it should be done in a month or so. hot cams, high comp pistons, std main and rod bearings. $whatever it costs me, likely ~$3000

3. All the new parts I have acquired for the project. These incude:
pair of new fully marked Altissimo euro tail light assemblies complete. I don't think these are repro's. Repro's go for $650 from Centerline.
new grill set in original AR orange bag, I don't think this is a repro.
pair black centerline door panels
black centerline carpet set
new dash, made by original Italian manufacturer with all mounting brackets from old dash riveted into place and new veneers from centerline installed (this was expen$ive!!!!!)
new bertone badge
new euro 2000 badge
new rubber fill neck to body boot
Cibie Z beam H4 headlights
new vent window rubbers
new window felts
Very good used 69 GTV buttress seats in black

This is probably $4000 worth of parts, not sure what I'd take for it all.

4. Set of 4 14 x 6 Momo Vegas, no curb rash etc. Restored to plain aluminum look. I polished the edge of one to see if it was the look to go for.
Wont sell for less than $1000, would rather keep them.

In case this is unclear, if you want 1., it's $3500 obo, if you want 1. and 3. It's $7500 obo (the oBo would be a good deal). if you want 1. 2. & 3. it's $10,500 obo (the obo would be a better deal than just 1. and 2.) etc.

I'll sell it with any combo of the above things. I would prefer to sell the body with all the new parts and keep the engine and wheels but you may have a better idea. Don't make me part all this out on ebay. Obviously the more you buy, the better the deal.

thanks for enduring the long read, email me for the really long description and tediously plentiful pictures.


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