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I'm interested in a set of of original style seat belts complete with all retractors and the small bits in very good condition. Not too concerned about the condition of the webbing, since it'll likely be due for replacement anyway.

A few options that would work:

The 1st photo shows a right hand (passenger) side setup from what I think is a MY '74. It's a 2-pc unit with 2 retractors. I have this so could do with a left (driver's) side match to it.

The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th photos were taken in an seemingly unaltered '72, and shows what I think is the '72 & '73 setup, but can't say for sure. Maybe someone can confirm or add info here.
A L&R set of this style would be more desirable than the previous option.

I'm open to other options or suggestions, just want to lose the clunky VW labeled seat belts currently installed.



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