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71 us spec GTV1750 oil seals

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replaced my head gasket this past winter. have since put about 500 miles on the car. just re-torqued the head about maybe 50 miles ago.

once while setting the SPICA adjustments, couple of months back, i thought i noticed a little oil on the block. wiped it off and did not think anymore about it.

this weekend while adjusting the SPICA settings again, and then setting it back to where it was. again i noticed some oil on the block. this time though there was some pooling on one of the ledges.. i think where the pan bolts to the block.

i can trace the shine of the oil straight up to where the middle oil o-ring would be at the head gasket. guessing i did not get it in there perfectly or it moved as i set the head down. either way i have a little leak.

Not enough i have seen a drop on the dipstick over the 500 miles.

So my questions:

is this something that just gets progressively worse as i drive the car? until i get enough drip i have to pull the head again...

And is there another option to completely pulling the head again?

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Try cleaning everything very well with brake cleaner, adding some UV oil additive and being absolutely sure you know where its coming from. If it is the O ring then no, there is no alternative but personally I can't see it getting worse. If you do pull the head use the square section o-rings and perhaps a tiny dab of Dow Molykote to hold them in place / keep them supple.
thanks for the suggestion.
Have you retorqued the head? Did you use oil/antiseize on the threads when torquing?
i have retorqued the head as per threads on here. Will redo again at 1000 miles. (probably a little less than that) i used oil.
also made sure i cleaned the threads while the head was off and used new head nuts. ran them all on by hand before placing the head to make sure there was no drag in the threads.
It's a bummer, it can happen. Sounds like you did things right.
The upside is, if it's just oil down the block, it's not hurting anything. My 2000 GTV did so when I bought and for at least five years til I rebuilt the engine. Unsightly but in fact a small leak, and it stopped as the engine warmed up. No oil in water, no compression issues. I just decided to live with it til I could do the whole engine.
seems mine may be the same... not sure it leaks once the engine is hot. i did pull the cam cover and the cam cap to be sure it was not blocking oil from the cam. cap and cam looked fine. No compression problem and do not see any oil in the coolant. So...
IF that is the case and it does not leak any more than it has so far, will probably live with it at least thru the summer.
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