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Picture of the driveshaft tunnel. We had it made thicker just in case this were to occur another time...I sure hope not.

Hopefully that is the last problem that this car has! We bought it race ready and have had to change the following:

Dipstick, someone who previously had their hands on that car installed the wrong dipstick and it had 4 quarts too much!

Trans tunnel, when the "ready to go" back up trans turned out to have some loose nuts and bolts and caused the problem shown

Now we have to do work to the rear axles, one has been broken the whole time!

This adds to my hesitation to buying a "race ready" car unless you have seen the car run continuously with no problems...hopefully no more. I will take it to Willow to test one day early next month then car should be at the HSR West Calfornia Speedway Historics in mid June.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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